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Other Courses

The Faraday Training Group has a number of other courses designed for those wishing to work in specific areas, on particular equipment or have a dedicated job role. You will find the details for our courses below:

  • Up-Skilling – Electrical skills training to become an Electrically Competent Person

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  • Safe Use of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas – HAZ1

    This course is designed for personnel working within hazardous area environments. The course provides a theoretical overview of the hazards associated with installing, operating and maintaining electrical equipment within potentially explosive areas. This is not a COMP-EX course; however, the same theories, details and standards are covered.

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  • Arc Flash Appreciation Training – ARC

    Many employers are implementing arc flash PPE for electrical personnel even though there is no European standard. This one day course covers the arc flash risk assessment described in IEEE 1584, as well as examples of incident energy and flash protection boundary calculations. Methods used to calculate fault energy at points on the system are also examined.

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  • Appreciation of Generator Principles & Protection Theory – GEN

    This two day introductory course covers the generation of electricity from first principles. Starting with Fleming’s right hand rule and progressing through to modern brushless generators. The course also includes the operation, synchronising and protection of generators. This is a classroom based course with no practical content except for the use of computerised simulators.

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  • Principles applied to the Maintenance of Electrical Switchgear – M1

    This course is intended to provide theoretical and practical instruction on the maintenance, repair and subsequent testing of HV/LV switchgear of various types, up to and including 15kV. Delegates should bring clothing and footwear suitable for maintenance exercises.

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  • HV Cable Termination and Jointing – TJ

    This is a generic HV cable termination & jointing course, and therefore the terminations and joints are not manufacturer specific. The straight joints, unless otherwise specified, will be heat shrinkable and resin filled using mechanical connectors. The cable terminations will also be heat shrinkable and utilize mechanical terminals unless otherwise specified. Please note: this course is an introduction to terminating/jointing, and is not intended to be taken as a full trade course.

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