Wind Farm HV Cable Termination – WT

Outline Content

Installing prefabricated terminations on XLPE insulated cable with stripable insulation screen (easy strip)
Separable Screen Connector 24-36kV 630 A
Installing 24kV connector on 1-core XLPE insulated cable with bonded insulation screen
Practical Training: Euromold K430TB
Fitting Connector on bushing type C

Installing 36kV connector on 4-core EPR insulated cable with stipable insulation screen (thermo-strip)
Installation instruction
Practical Training: NKT CB 36-630
Fitting connector on bushing type C
Practical Training: NKT CC 36-630
Fitting Connector on CB Connector

Surge Arresters
Installation instruction
Practical Training: NKT CSA
Fitting connector on CB Connector

Design of Cables
Electrical Fields and Stress Control
Electrical Connections
Cable Testing

Please note – This course is an introduction to terminating and is not intended to be taken as a full trade course.


3 days

Course Overview

This is a HV termination course targeted at the wind farm industry, terminations  are not manufacturer specific. The cable terminations will also be heat and cold shrinkable and utilize mechanical terminals unless otherwise specified. Please note: this course is an introduction to terminating and is not intended to be taken as a full trade course.


To teach the candidates how to properly prepare HV cables for wind farm applicable terminations and we feel an integral part to achieving this is by giving candidates a good understanding of how a cable is constructed and the function(s) of the individual components.

Who should attend?

Electrical engineers/technicians  responsible for carrying out or supervising high voltage terminating.

Please note: Candidates must be competent in the use of hand tools.


Candidates who successfully complete the course and the theoretical and practical competence assessments will receive a Faraday “competence” certificate.


Course: £2000.00 + VAT (where applicable) per person.

All prices exclude VAT and are subject to revision without notice. Further dates can be added upon request, please contact us.

Course Dates


January 2019
Tuesday 15 – Thursday 17

May 2019
Wednesday 08 – Friday 10

September 2019
Tuesday 03 – Friday 05

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