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The Faraday Training Group is an international electrical safety training provider with purpose-built facilities in the UK and Cyprus.

We provide comprehensive electrical courses to a wide range of industrial sectors including but not limited to: oil, gas, marine, offshore, engineering, construction and chemical.

Our highly experienced, multi-skilled lecturers offer an effective combination of theoretical understanding and practical hands-on learning experiences using real industrial equipment.

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Upcoming Courses

  • MECH1 – The Safe Isolation of Mechanical Systems (LOTO)

    This course is designed to meet the essential requirements of safe working procedures on mechanical systems, assist employers and employees to reduce the risk of personal injury and to help prevent damage to assets due to operator error.

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  • NHSHVAP – The Safe Operation of High Voltage Power Systems (Full High Voltage Authorisation) to comply with HTM 06 – 03

    This course provides an understanding of Hospital high and low voltage power systems including statutory regulations, safe operation, protection and fault diagnosis on a wide range of power equipment. It also enables candidates to perform HV switching operations on industrial HV networks up to and including 15kV, and prepares them for HV authorisation in accordance with HTM 06 - 03.

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  • NHSLVAP – The Safe Operation of Low Voltage Power Systems to comply with HTM 06 – 02

    This training programme requires a good foundation of electrical knowledge. It is designed to bring candidates up to a competency level suitable for LV authorised person in accordance with HTM 06 - 02.

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AEMT Awards 2019

The Faraday Centre Ltd has been nominated at the “AEMT awards 2019”. The AEMT awards, now in

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Electrical training specialist launches pioneering Mechanical LOTO course

Teesside-based electrical power training specialist, The Faraday Centre Ltd has launched “MECH1”, a new Mechanical LOTO course.

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We are the AEMT awards 2018 winners!

We did it!! We are the 2018 AEMT awards WINNERS for Contribution to Skills and Training! Thank you so much

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