A simple 3 step safe system of work


    Have you ever considered the use of P.T.V. – point, touch and verbalise?

    As many can testify, it can be easy to misidentify specific pieces of equipment for example during electrical isolation procedures. Getting this wrong can have serious consequences.

    At The Faraday Training Group safety and efficient processes are paramount. With this in mind, I am going to share with you a simple three-stage technique we use to ensure we avoid misidentification.

    During the process of identifying equipment, ensure you have the correct equipment I.D. written down and do not use your memory. When you have found the equipment location, use the following technique:

    1. Read the equipment I.D. and POINT to the relevant location.
    2. During the reading of the equipment I.D. TOUCH the location.
    3. Keep your hand still on the equipment and VERBALISE the equipment I.D.

    These simple actions should help to ensure you have correctly identified the equipment to be worked on. When you are in physical contact with the equipment location and verbalising the location I.D. you have a connection with the equipment and are less likely to make an error.

    On the face of it, this appears to be an odd thing to be doing and you may even get some quizzical looks from your working party, but it works and is worth adopting in to your working environment.

    Andy Robertson
    Lead Tutor