T1 – Electrical Pressure Testing (Dielectric Strength Testing)

    Outline Content

    • Introduction
    • Electrical insulation
    • Safety requirements (including appropriate Electricity Regulations)
    • Insulation resistance tests
    • Flash testing
    • AC & DC pressure tests
    • VLF Testing
    • Partial discharge
    • Time Domain Reflectometry
    • Practical exercises & tutorials


    2 days

    Course Overview

    This course covers the theoretical and practical principles of pressure testing on high voltage distribution systems up to and including 15kV. It covers the different insulating material characteristics as well as the methods used to enable the pressure testing of high voltage equipment, including cables, switchgear, transformers and motors. The course strongly emphasises safety requirements and interpretation of test results.

    Who should attend?

    Electrical Engineers/Technicians responsible for carrying out or supervising high voltage pressure testing. It is recommended that candidates should be authorised to receive sanction for test documents before taking this course (see S8 course).


    Candidates who successfully complete the course and both theoretical and practical assessments will receive a Faraday Centre competence certificate. Candidates who fail or do not wish to undertake the competence assessments will receive a Faraday Centre attendance certificate.


    Course: £480.00 + VAT (where applicable) per person.

    2021 Course: £504.00 + VAT (where applicable) per person.
    Assessment: £85.00 + VAT (where applicable) per person.

    Note: course assessment is optional.

    All prices exclude VAT and are subject to revision without notice. Further dates can be added upon request, please contact us.

    Training Package

    This course is available as our TP3 package with the following courses;

    T2 – Earth Electrode Testing
    T3 – Transformer Design, Construction, Testing and Maintenance

    Course Dates

    November 2020 
    Monday 02 – Tuesday 03


    Monday 8 – Tuesday 9 March 2021 – SPACES AVAILABLE

    Monday 21 – Tuesday 22 May 2021 – SPACES AVAILABLE

    Monday 6 – Tuesday 7 September 2021 – SPACES AVAILABLE

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