MECH1 – The Safe Isolation of Mechanical Systems (LOTO)

Outline Content

  • Types of hazardous energy. 
  • Kinetic/ Potential/ Electrical/ Thermal/ Pressure/ Chemical/ Stored Energy Hazards 
  • Requirements of statutory regulations/legislation. 
  • Guidance – HSG25
  • Management of control of hazardous energy and safe isolations
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety Documentation (inc PtW)
  • Lock Out Tag Out
  • Safety Locks and Tags (inc Multihasp)
  • Methods of safe isolation using LOTO
  • Energy Isolation Devices
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Creating, documenting and enforcing safe working procedures.
  • Verifying the isolation
  • Practical isolation exercises
  • Theoretical and Practical Final assessment


2 days

Course Overview

This course is designed to meet the essential requirements of safe working procedures on mechanical systems, assist employers and employees to reduce the risk of personal injury and to help prevent damage to assets due to operator error.

Who should attend?

Delegates who are to be appointed under safety rules with responsibility for the operation, isolation and maintenance of mechanical plants. Those who may be nominated as a Competent or Skilled Person within their organisation and need to demonstrate the appropriate level of experience of mechanical systems and mechanical principles and theory of safe isolation.


Candidates who successfully complete the course and both theoretical and practical assessments will receive a Faraday competence certificate. Candidates who fail or do not wish to undertake the competence assessments will receive a Faraday attendance certificate.


Course: £480.00 + VAT (where applicable) per person.
Assessment: £85.00 + VAT (where applicable) per person.

Note: course assessment is optional.

All prices exclude VAT and are subject to revision without notice. Further dates can be added upon request, please contact us.

Course Dates

This course currently operates on demand. Should you wish to book this course please contact us.