NHSHVAP – The Safe Operation of High Voltage Power Systems (Full High Voltage Authorisation) to comply with HTM 06 – 03

    Outline Content

    Week 1 Competency content

    • Electrical hazards and precautions
    • Electricity at Work Regulations
    • Operational and safety features of switchgear
    • Substation and safety requirements (land-based)
    • HTM 06-03 High voltage safety rules
    • Secondary hazards and emergency conditions
    • Operational procedures in accordance with HTM 06-03
    • Key safe and isolok systems
    • An outline of the use of electrical protection on industrial power systems
    • Practical exercises
    • Theoretical and practical assessment


    Week 2 Awareness content

    • Auxiliary equipment
    • Primary conductors and switchgear enclosures
    • Switchgear maintenance
    • Battery supply units
    • Introduction to Partial Discharge
    • Introduction to Thermography
    • Fault diagnosis
    • HV Phasing
    • Theoretical assessment
    • Demonstration of Cable spiking

    Week 2 Awareness content

    • Requirements for over current and earth fault protection
    • Fuse and MCCB protection
    • Current transformer requirements and safety
    • Voltage transformers
    • Protection relays types
    • Fault energy and fault current
    • Secondary injection testing
    • Primary injection testing
    • Feeder protection
    • Transformer protection requirements
    • Motor protection requirements
    • Generator protection requirements
    • Tripping battery systems
    • Trip circuit supervision requirements
    • Fault exercises
    • Insulation resistance
    • Safety requirements for testing
    • Polarisation index
    • Flash testing
    • DC pressure tests
    • AC pressure tests
    • Demonstration of the testing of power cables using VLF test equipment
    • Methods of cable identification
    • Ground clearance by cable avoidance tool (CAT)
    • Circuit breakers – oil, gas, air and vacuum


    10 days

    Course Overview

    This course provides an understanding of Hospital high and low voltage power systems including statutory regulations, safe operation, protection and fault diagnosis on a wide range of power equipment. It also enables candidates to perform HV switching operations on industrial HV networks up to and including 15kV, and prepares them for HV authorisation in accordance with HTM 06 – 03.

    Who should attend?

    Personnel who are to be responsible as an authorised person for switching and issuing of electrical safety documents. Candidates with little HV experience may find it beneficial to attend our S9 course as a precursor to this course.


    Candidates who successfully complete the course and both theoretical and practical assessments will receive a Faraday Centre competence certificate. Candidates who fail or do not wish to undertake the competence assessments will receive a Faraday Centre attendance certificate.


    Course including competency assessment: £2262.00 + VAT (if applicable) per person

    2022 Booking Price

    Course including competency assessment: £2489.00 + VAT (if applicable) per person

    All prices exclude VAT and are subject to revision without notice. Further dates can be added upon request, please contact us.

    Course Dates

    This course currently operates on demand. Should you wish to book this course please contact us.