Electrical Engineers

    • MAR5 – Refresher in the Safe Operation of Marine/Offshore High Voltage Power Systems (Full High Voltage Authorisation)

      This training programme is designed to refresh the knowledge and skills of the candidates relating to safe practices and legislation applicable to Maritime/Offshore high voltage power systems.

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    • T2 – Earth Electrode Testing

      This course outlines different types of earth electrode systems used in conjunction with high and low voltage networks Including methods of testing earth electrode systems, earth resistivity and subsequent interpretation of test results. (Note: this is not a design course).

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    • T3 – Transformer Design, Construction, Testing & Maintenance

      This course provides technical information about the design, construction, maintenance and the significance of various site tests that are carried out on high voltage transformers. It also covers practical methods of transformer testing including routine tests for post-fault and preventive maintenance.

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    • T5 – Cable Identification & Spiking

      This course is designed for electrical personnel responsible for identification/spiking and proving dead of HV power cables. It provides instruction in the practical, technical and safety aspects of identifying electrical power cables and their subsequent spiking to ensure the safety of personnel required to work upon these cables. (Note: this is not a cable fault location course).

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    • row of electrical switches

      P1 – Protection of Electrical Power Systems

      The course covers the application and testing of electrical protection in-depth and involves a number of practical exercises and demonstrations combined with classroom theory.  A wide range of protective devices are used during the course including electromechanical, microprocessor-based and numerical relays.

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