WT4 – The Safe Operation of High Voltage Power Systems on Wind Turbines (Authorised Person)

    Outline Content

    • Electrical hazards and precautions
    • UK & EU health and safety regulations
    • Understanding the arc blast hazard
    • Introduction to partial discharge
    • Causes of electrical accidents
    • Operational and safety features of switchgear
    • High voltage safety rules
    • Key safes and multihasp systems
    • Test equipment for proving dead
    • Operational procedures
    • Application of electrical protection on wind turbine power systems
    • Wind turbine power generation and convertor protection
    • Practical exercises


    5 days

    Course Overview

    This course provides an understanding of renewable energy industry high voltage power systems including statutory regulations, safe operation, protection and fault diagnosis. It enables candidates to perform advanced HV and LV switching operations on HV networks up to and including 36kV. The course also prepares them for HV authorisation in accordance with their company’s safety rules/regulations. It includes both classroom theory and practical exercises.

    Who should attend?

    Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians with responsibility for the electrical operation of on/offshore wind turbines. Candidates with limited electrical experience may find it beneficial to attend the S9 course, which serves as a practical precursor to this course.


    Candidates who successfully complete the course and both theoretical and practical assessments will receive a Faraday Centre competence certificate. Candidates who fail or do not wish to undertake the competence assessments will receive a Faraday Centre attendance certificate.


    Course: £1,160.00 + VAT (where applicable) per person.
    Assessment: £85.00 + VAT (where applicable) per person.

    2022 Course Price:

    Course: £1206.00 + VAT (where applicable) per person.
    Assessment: £85.00 + VAT (where applicable) per person.

    Note: course assessment is optional.

    Course Dates

    This course currently operates on demand. Should you wish to book this course please contact us.